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Photo excursions and experiments with timelapses

I mostly started this blog to add a few thoughts and feelings about some of the photography I do mainly for my own pleasure from time to time, whether it be focussed on an excursion to a particulr place or practising a particular technique.

This last month, I've been playing around a bit with timelapses, now that I've discovered the excellent timelapse capabilities of my Panasonic GH5. So far impatience and the surprisingly freezing cold winds have been my enemy to getting the best results, but I've made a few decent efforts experimenting with some different settings, but I think plenty further practise and perserverence is still needed.

One place I can certainly recommend for all you budding photogs is Birches Bay Sculpture Walk, which is adjoined to a farm and distillery and gift shop. It's a nice and relatively unchallenging track through bushland dotted with varied and interesting sculptural art throughout, some which are both fascinating and magical in that bush setting. I was lucky to get a nice clear sunny afternoon w hich provided some nice light to highlight the art works.

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