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Finding serenity and the perfect drone flying area

I've moaned in other posts about all the impediments to flying a drone in the Hobart area. Not only the unpredictable weather with gusty winds and intermittent rain, but also a place where there aren't people with dogs or physical impediments and so on. I had been looking for a long deserted beach that wasn't too far to go for a while, and eventually I came across Hope Beach down at South Arm and have been there a couple of times in the past month on those precious days of still, warm and pleasant weather - and you have to seize those when you can at the moment !

Apart from being beautiful, peaceful and serene, there is barely anyone there and it's so long, that you can easily find a quiet stretch, which is perfect for flying the drone, not to mention you can get some great views of Mount Wellington/kunanyi across the water and the isthmus that connects to South Arm. Lots of great stuff to discover from the air. Even made a bit of an attempt to fly out to Betsy Island, which is about 1km from the shore, but chickened out at about 900m....I think it's quite doable in calm conditions though.

Below is just a small sample of some of the video footage I have got.

But of course, the drone only gives you one type of view of the beach, spectacular thought it may be. It's also nice to be able to get some views from closer up as you can see below, to get a feel for one of Tasmania's many serene coastal areas.


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