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Lousy spring weather means seizing photographic opportunities when they come

In theory, spring is season of flowers, baby animals , of freshness, new growth and longer evenings. In reality, in Tasmania, it often means incessant blustery winds, unpredictable and fast changing weather which often forces last minute changes or plan.

Long exposure and drone photography have been off the agenda for much of the agenda for the last month. When it hasn't been blowing hard, it's been raining and when the weather has looked fine, but Murphy's Law of photography, it seems whenever I got to a place with my car it started to rain or strong gusts started to blow.

Notwithstanding these frustrations, I have been able to jump on those little windows of decent weather to practice my latest obsession - getting panorama shots using my drone. The Mavic Mini has a really good 3-axis gimbal, so I will do a pan taking 15-30 shots of a scene, and then latest merge them together to make a single panorama. Even with a little wind, they manage to merge together seamlessly. However, definitely more impressive results can be achieved when the light is good. Here are a few examples....

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