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More adventures with A Piano Of Tasmania at Tahune Airwalk

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

It's been a while since I've done a video for A Piano of Tasmania aka Kelvin Smith. The latest one was a an hour and a half drive down to Tahune Airwalk near Geeveston, which reopened on July 4.

The business had only just reopened after 13 months closed because of the bushfires in the previous summer...and then Covid-19 Kelvin had offered to play his piano on the cantiliver bridge and do a video to give them a bit of free publicity.

There was a plan to fly a drone, but the forecast was not promising with strong winds forecast, but on the drive down the weather looked fine, but as I got onto the road from Geeveston to Tahune it started to rain and it continued for the whole morning, ruling out the drone and even making us consider contingency plans for the piano.

However, in the end there was an undercover area on the airwalk where Kelvin started playing and I did my best to take advantage of the weather conditions with the eerie mist hovering over nearby peaks and the river in full flow.

Eventually the piano was moved to a kind of "eagle's nest" at the end of the cantilever, which felt a bit wobbly as the piano was moved along it. Certainly didn't help my fear of heights !

Anyway, from the resulting footage I made this short little video to the music of "Fuer Elise".

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