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Road trips through the Tasmanian Midlands

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

So far this year, I've had a couple of trips up north to Launceston and Burnie, primarily for work reasons. Fortunately they coincided with some beautiful summer weather and the opportunity for a few picturesque stopovers at a couple of Tasmania's most picturesque small towns. Of course, I always have the drone on such trips, just in case. Unfortunately this summer, conditions have not been terribly favourable, but for once they were almost perfect.

This is Oatlands near sunset, looking across from the other side of Lake Dulverton.

But with the beautiful golden light and the magnificent sky, there were plenty of other opportunities for photography with the "normal" DSLR camera.

Unfortunately at Ross the wind was just too fierce to fly the drone very far, but I have got plenty of great drone shots there previously, so I just got a few using the nice late afternoon light with a wide lense.

No stopover at Ross is quite complete without a few quick pics of the iconic historic bridge just before sunset...

And, of course, with Lake Dulverton relatively full, I was able to get some nice wide panoramas as well.

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