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Hi !

Welcome to my site.  I've made this as a place not only for people to have a chance to look at what I can do, but also to offer some resources I've found useful for better film-making, video production and photography.  

If you are  interested in someone who can shoot and edit video for events, gigs, online promotions , informational videos,  or documentary. Also, if you need a freelance photographer, then I am always interested in talking and seeing how I can help.

I've also recently added live-streaming g to my repertoire and can livestream your event for a reasonable cost


I also have skills in writing ( for screen and print), production management , producing of short film projects and even some acting. 

Please have a look and check out some of my content and hopefully get an idea of whether I may be the right person to fit your needs.  I also host a podcast on this site, 177 Nations of Tasmania, in which I aim to interview at least one person from every nationality from Tasmania's last census. Please check it out.   

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