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Night Photography

This is a collection of some of the photography I've done around Hobart over time using a variety of techniques. I'm always looking for new perspectives and to show the city in a way people may not have seen before.  Hobart is certainly a very different city at night, not the picture postcard views you may be used to, but beautiful in it's own way

I am not too much into conventional portrait photography which often involve studio lighting, shallow depth of field and careful positioning of the subject.  While these type of portraits can be aesthetically pleasing,  I often find myself disconnected from the subject.   When I photograph people I'm either trying to catch them a specific moment in time or place that the viewer can connect with or something that makes that person stand out.  So I often prefer candid photography, capturing the person in an authentic moment, rather than capturing them when they are conscious of the camera.



There are some places where it's impossible to resist those classic traveller shots, and I'm no exception ( e.g the Souk at sunset in Zanzibar), but it can be easy to become clicheed and focus on those aesthetically-pleasing photos we see in travel brochures with their bright colours and symetrical composition.  When it comes to photography of places, I like to see points of view I haven't seen before and that make me reconsider my perspectives.  For myself, I try to capture various elements that together tell a bit of story about a place - the atmosphere, the people, the architecture, just the life and the feeling of being there.  

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