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Night photography - Experimenting with some new techniques

Anyone who has followed this blog or follows me on Facebook ( I admit, there's only a few of you), will know that I particularly love getting out at night to do some long exposure photography. There are times when I run out of inspiration for new photos and I do feel like I'm just taking a lot of the same photos.

So it was nice to have a night out recently with my photographer friend Paul, where we had the opportunity to learn something and draw a bit of inspiration from each other. Paul learnt about a fantastic new location for night photography and he gave me a rather cool technique to produce something a bit different with long exposures. I'm putting an example down below.

Instead of using movement in the frame to create light trails, you are generating the movement by moving the lense of the camera to create these special effects.

Since then I've tried a few different variations on the initial idea on different subjects and gradually refining the results. I was particularly pleased with this one, which could almost be some kind of opening credits graphic for a movie.

I feel like I'm still very much in the experimental stage with this, but people seem to really like them., so here are a couple more using slightly different methods.

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