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Self isolation on a beautiful Tasmanian beach

I have been going a bit crazy this weekend with the swirl of news going around and feeling the pinch of cabin fever a bit, so it was good to get out into an oasis of tranquility on the East Coast of Tasmania for an afternoon. On the car trip up their I felt nauseous and possibly the flaring up of a somach ulcer I thought I'd recovered from. But once my feet hit the white sands of Spring Beach, just a stone's throw from Orford, and listened to gentle crash of the waves and crystal blue waters, I was enveloped in a calming blanket of tranquility.

The sun finally came out on what had been up to then a rainy and intemperate day. We saw a handful of people crossing the swathes of soft white sand but it was a very easy place to main substantial social distance and to feel cut away from the troubles of the world at this time.

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