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177 Nations of Tasmania podcast blog

I thought I'd start a blog specific to my 177 Nations of Tasmania podcast both to keep followers up to date with what's going on and for me to keep a kind of diary of progress. I thought it also be a way of putting out come content in between episodes, while I'm trying to find my next interviewees. This is one of the main challenges I want to talk about in this entry.

First of all, I've really loved talking with all 12 of the people so far. It's been so interesting to hear about the different cultures, backgrounds and interesting observations and perspectives on Tasmania and Tasmanians. I have been gradually getting better at recording better quality audio and finding more efficient ways to edit it, though despite that it is still very time consuming. It's been a steep learning curve and I am pleased with the progress I've made and the new skills I have acquired in the process. That being said, I'm a long way from being a sound recordist or audio mixer !

The area that has been proving most challenging lately has been finding people to interview. Well....I've found the people, who I've heard are interested, but then they don't respond for days or weeks or at all. Then organising a suitable time and place has proved more challenging at times than I had perhaps thought.

Having said that, it's been happening in fits and starts. One week I had three people respond instantly and I set up three interviews in the same week. Since then though I've been hitting one dead end after another despite following up numerous leads. It ends up being very time consuming trying to follow up and chase people down and then leave it and move on to the next nationality on the list. However, it's very early days still, and I am hoping as the moment builds and word gets out there this will start to become easier. I just find if I have a quiet week or two and hit a few dead ends it does get me down a bit. After all, I'm doing every part of this on my own at the moment and with little paid work also, it's my way of staying busy and productive.

But I just have to remind myself that with any ambitious project, you have to ride the ups and the downs on the rocky toad to reach your goal.

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