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A Piano of Tasmania at Hadley's Hotel

In these times of lockdown, quarantine, isolation, arts seem more important than every to keep us sane and many of us in this down time, have been looking for projects to keep our creative spirit alive. Of course, I've been taking photos and experimenting with video on my own, but it was good to be asked to film Kelvin Smith and his piano again, this time from the third floor balcony of the Hadley's Orient Hotel Hobart, and then later on the grand piano in the deserted front bar.

It was a bit of challenge to light up the shadowy balcony with no one seeming to know how to turn the balcony light on, but we eventually managed to get a room lamp and extension chord to cast a bit of light on Kelvin, to soften the sinister shadow on his face. My lesson from it all was to next time to bring a few portable lights to brighten things up and avoid sharp contrasts.

Anyway, it was enjoyable to be able to be creative in a low stakes situation and then try and build something out of it after. I even later choraled my sister and her kids and a few friends to play passers by looking up in wonder at the imaginary piano player on the balcony.

It was pleasing to see that it's already got thousands of views on social media, thanks to ABC Hobart who shared it - a satisfying way to end the weekend.

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