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A story of two sunsets and making the most of time outside

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

As expected, the rules for "public gatherings" have got still stricter, and people are now recommended to stay at home except for certain activities. To be honest, I've been acting on this basis for a few weeks, basing my actions on what other countries have been doing. But we are allowed to go outside for walks and to engage in fitness and recreation - but stay away from people !

This has generally not been a problem, but with National Parks closing and all the tracks on Mount Wellington Reserve also now closed, the options have got more limited. But there are still plenty of areas for a quite walk around the Hobart area and with Saturday being such a glorious hot day, I managed to get a bit of sun and experience a glorious sunset on a positively balmy evening. I do find sunsets are a bit of a photographic clichee at times, but the water was some calm and with a beautiful light reflecting off the river and some dramatic clouds, I couldn't resist snapping a few shots.

But apart from the obvious sunset shot, there were some nice features on the rocky foreshore that allowed me to try some alternative compositions.

And although I didn't have my tripod with me, I was able to find a few rocks flat enough to place my camera on and get a couple of nice long exposures using a filter, just as the last rays of sun started to fade.

Sunday was a total contrast - wet, grey and dreary, but I thought it would be a chance to get something contrasting and so I set out to Cornelian Bay to see if I could get some moody shoots with rain falling on water with dramatic grey clouds. To begin with, I got a little of that, though to be honest the light was more dull than atmospheric.

I took a bit of a wander past the Cornelian Bay boatsheds, which under normal circumstances are quite bright and colourful, I also wanted to get a view across the bay. The weather was not looking good with the light really fading, but I thought I might get some shots of the bridge instead ( even though I already have hundreds ! ). It was then that I saw an eerily beautiful light across Cornelian Bay as some rays of orangey pink sunlight pushed their way through the clouds. The bay was like glass with a beautiful pinky orange sheen over it. It was quite glorious...but I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

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