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ABC TV story on A Piano of Tasmania

Updated: May 28, 2020

Another brief brush with fame as I found myself part of a story that ended up on ABC national news - and boy was it a relief to have a feel-good story after a stream of pretty grim stories, almost exclusively about the various types of havoc being caused by COVID19, and then one more about some of the ongoing fallout from last summer's bushfires. The only horror with this story was seeing my face on the TV, which I rarely find pleasant even when I'm not talking ! It was, however, nice to see some of my footage from the three videos I've made used and acknowledged. Here is the ABC online story

You can check out the A Piano Of Tasmania videos on my Vimeo account here or look in the videography section on my website.

Story that was on ABC news 24/05/2019 below.

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