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Autumn colours along the Hobart Rivulet walk

As I write this, we are well and truly into winter, but I have been going through the many folders of photos I accumulated through the autumn months from my regular walks along the Hobart Rivulet from West Hobart up to Cascade Gardens. It's one of the best places near the city where you can truly see the changes of seasons in all their glory, and autumn is probably the most visually appealing of them all, so I thought I'd share a few of my photos from 2024.

Of course, early in the season, the platypuses were quite an attraction, making regular appearances in their favourite haunts. However, it can be easy to get a little to distracted by these unique animals and not see the other attractions around you. After the novelty of the platypus wore off, I started focusing my camera on the wide array of colours along the track, from dark reds to crisp oranges and bright yellows.

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