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Recent road trips around Tassie - Sunsets and sunrises

Updated: May 1

For me, autumn is the most beautiful time of year in Tasmania. Even though the days are getting shorter, the weather is still pretty mild and most importantly, the nasty winds, that can chill you to the bone on even the sunniest day, have died down.

What you are lift with are beautiful clear still days turning to glorious richly coloured skies as twilight emerges.

Recently I had to drive from Hobart up to Somerset, just west of Burnie on Tasmania's north-west coast to conduct an interview for one of the oral history projects I'm doing for the National Library of Australia.

It turned out to be quite an emotionally intense interview, with some fairly heavy topics coming up, which left me really needing to go for a long walk to help digest what I'd heard in the previous two hours. Fortunately, I was a stone's throw from the beach at Somerset and had the opportunity to get down there just as the sun was going down and the smoke from a nearby fire had created an amazing haze and a panoply of bright colours in the sky.

The next morning, I got up the crack of down, first because I had to get to Launceston for a second interview, this time for my podcast, and secondly to catch the dawn light on the beachfront and maybe get the drone out. As it happens conditions couldn't have been for drone flying, and you can see some examples below.

Of course, it's a decent drive to Launceston, and I gave myself a bit of time to make a few stops and I grabbed a bit to eat at the picturesque seaside town of Penguin and then a short stop at Deloraine to stretch my legs.

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