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Being creative about getting exercise in this time of quarantining

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

One of the things that I'm probably most of proud of about myself, is that I've managed to maintain a pretty solid exercise routine of one sort or another throughout most of my life. But these times have been pretty challenging - gyms closing, playgrounds and outdoor gyms closed, home exercise equipment sold out I have a tiny flat of a little under 40sqm. It's been a challenge to find somewhere outside to be able to do exercise without bumping into people, children, dogs. all of which seem to have proliferated massively in the last month....and I wanted to be able to do more than just run. It's not just about keeping in shape either, for me going to the gym or for a run is my form of meditation. It forces me to focus my mind on a single thing without distraction for a period of time, and afterwards I often feel in a far better mental state to deal with stress or difficult problems. And in these current times, where many of us confined most of the time at home, it can be more important than ever when battling to maintain your sanity.

A few weeks ago I discovered at least a decent stop-gap answer, when I discovered the Domain Athletics Centre was still open with a running track and at least enough equipment to do some chin ups. It's a short walk to my place, so I've been going there regularly for the last few weeks. Nearby is a kind of mini amphitheatre with these large-sh steps, and I've been using them for more intensive leg training. I met my friend Vaughan there a few days ago and while social distancing, introduced him to a few of the exercises I've been doing. Below is an example with a few bells and whistles that I've added..hopefully more and better to come...

A few days before, my sister Rebecca came up with her kids to have a bit of a workout. I just finished a little run and as Rebecca and her girls were going around the track there was a torrential downpour. Little Sunny, my youngest niece kept powering on though.

When the rain cleared, Spike decided to test his gymnastics and rock-climbing skills to swing on the bars which I'd been using to do chin ups. I managed to capture one of his efforts below.

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