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Finally perfect conditions for long exposures at night

It seems like it's been a particularly wild and windy spring in Southern Tasmania, and so I'd pretty much given up on going out at night and taking long exposures by the river with my flimsy tripod. Besides which, to get some of the most eye-catching pics of Hobart and surrounds at night, it's nice to have a still body of water to reflect the light.

I had actually gone over to Bellerive Yacht Club because I'd heard recent reports of bioluminescence floating around in the quay and though I've seen more than enough pictures of it around the place, I thought it'd be interesting to see it with my own eyes. Anyway, I was again in the wrong place, but it was an incredibly still night, something truly rare indeed and being Saturday night, the Spectra ( the giant light installation being into the skies from MONA ) was visible in all its glory, and I'd not shot it from Bellerive before. So it was a great chance to get some pretty nice long exposures, albeit with a cheap lense.

Anyway, without any futher waffle, here are a few of the shots I got...

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