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Got to hit the ground running with 177 Nations of Tasmania in 2021

One of my New's Resolutions is to really ramp up my output for the podcast, which has been pretty meagre of late, with just one episode out in December and with 155 more nationalities to go at that rate I'll be finished sometime in the 2030s !

The most time consuming part can be just trying to chase people who have said they were interested but will get back to me, or have said they know someone who may be interested but will get back to me...and sometimes I chase it up a few times, but at a certain point you have to cut your losses and move on. I guess there is a lot going on before Christmas and so that was a particular hard time to make arrangements with people, so I decided to just not burn up my energy and save it for the New Year when I plan to follow up as many different sources as I can and maybe get some help with this aspect. Chasing people up is probably my least favourite part of doing the podcast, which I overall really enjoy doing, but it has to be done and it can be very satisfying when it works out and I get to meet more new and interesting people and I get to share their stories.

So in line with that, if you are from one of the 155 countries I haven't covered yet as of this time ( though I will be adding Czechia to that list next week) , and Tasmania is now your home OR you know someone who is an might be interested in participating in my podcast, please get in touch by sending me and email at or call me at 0410 298 794.

Happy New Year to all !

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