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Looking for autumn colours

Updated: May 30, 2020

I guess it would seem rather late in the season to be looking around for autumn leaves to photograph, but all the seasons seem to be coming late these days ( possibly due to global warming), and even though we're almost in winter, there is plenty of gold and orange around and so I decided to finally seek some colours out and get a few snaps.

I decided to follow the Hobart Rivulet Linear Walk from West Hobart up towards Cascade Brewery, which I hadn't been on for a while.

While there were a hell of a lot of joggers and bikers, including a couple of large posses of small children, and the usual rash of dog-walkers which the COVID19 crisis seems to have caused to breed exponentially, I was able to get off the track to avoid them and get some closer views of the rivulet running beneath golden-orange arches of overhanging branches and, in places, the fallen leaves swum around in the gently flowing waters of the stream.

It was, like so many days this past few months, a gloriously clear, sunny afternoon, so the colours came out well.

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