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Photo therapy on a wet Saturday night in the city

On Saturday I must admit I was sitting inside, when I just felt suddenly overwhelmed by this big wave of depression. It was almost like a feeling of drowning - I couldn't eat and breathing was difficult. I don't know exactly what brought it on, though no doubt it was an accumulation of circumstances from the unremitting grim latest Coronavirus news, to fears about an uncertain future, to just general tiredness and having just bumped into an ex-girlfriend outside the pub ( something I wouldn't normally let bother me, but it felt awkward and the feeling of discomfort lingered n my mind long afterwards ). It was raining, but I decided I really needed to get onto those streets with my camera to distract my brain and use the opportunity of glistening streets and different coloured street and shop lights to create some striking images.

I walked down Elizabeth Street, trying to capture some of the reflections of lights off the wet road and footpath. Being so quiet for a Saturday, I was able to see things in a way I hadn't before, including getting a shot of the Metropolitan, a restaurant with a bar which is meant to be modelled on London's Tube.

By the time I reached the city centre, the rain had stopped, which kind of ruined my plan to get some photos of rain backlit by city lights or windows. However, there are always great images to be had at night around the CBD if you keep your eyes open. I particularly kept my eyes open for striking architectural features and interesting lights.

On the way back I looked for smaller details - raindrops, shop windows and lighted windows on high.

I got back home to North Hobart, noted by ex again at the local wine bar, and reached home feeling very much lifted out of my torpor. Although I was pretty happy with the images I got, it was more about being able to focus my mind on something that required creativity, close attention and focus ( no pun intended). There's no way to totally get away from the severe challenges with all face as a world at the moment, but it is important to have some outlet to keep our sanity in various ways in the meantime.

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