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Piano by the historic boatsheds of Cornelian Bay

Updated: May 22, 2020

So I had another opportunity to make a video for "A Piano In Tasmania", this time filming Kelvin by the shore of the beautiful Cornelian Bay, an area I've been going to reasonably regularly during lockdown.

More often than not, the bay is beautifully still as in the above picture, with water like glass reflecting the colours of the variegated historic boatsheds, an iconic landmark of the area. However, on this morning, a strong and rather bracing wind blowing, and Kelvin had to stop to warm up his fingers on a few occasions as he was playing his piano on a point that was perhaps the most wind exposed area there !

We both ended up being interview by the local ABC, who also got their own footage, and the story will be broadcast on Sunday May 24th on ABC News. Despite the wind, I was still able to get plenty of footage with some nice backgrounds, trying to give a sense of the beauty of the place , and also the number of people who were going for a walk along the bay who stopped to listen and to film this incongruous piano being played by the shore on their phones.

I came again the next day to get some B-roll of birds and general life, and it was quite a spectacularly beautiful afternoon, and to add to the atmosphere there was a guy on a bench by the shore playing a mandolin, though his only audience seemed to be the big flock of water birds on the beach. Anyway, I was able to get a few nice shots of black swans and other birds in a nice soft light, which hopefully fits with the feeling of peace and serenity in the music.

Here is the latest "A Piano of Tasmania" video for your pleasure.

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