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Some photos happen by accident...

It was a beautiful evening tonight and so I thought it'd be a nice one to stroll along the Bellerive foreshore with that beautiful evening light you get here, falling on the river and the mountain as the sun goes down.

To be honest, I didn't get that many great photos. I had the camera I mainly use for video, the Panasonic GH5, rather than my usual Nikon, and it can be somewhat more limited. But I got a couple of nice twilight shots

There are lots of gnarled old trees sticking out from the cliffs that provide a nice foreground silhouette in the fading light, and can be made to look like fingers reaching up towards the sky.

But I hadn't taken into account how much quicker the light is fading now, with autumn well and truly underway, and so I only got about halfway along Bellerive Beach before I realised I need to get back before it got really dark.

But just as I neared my car, near the rocky Bellerive foreshore, I noticed the fantastic night view across to the city. It was such a calm still night and so the lights of the city reflected beautifully off the water. Unfortunately, though I had my tripod in the car, I didn't have the base plate - doh !

So I tried plonking my camera on various low rocks in the dark. Not easy to get a straight picture, but I figured if I shot wide enough I could adjust it later. After trying a few different rocks, I did manage to get a few photos I was happy with.

And yes, I did have to adjust most of the in post. One thing I forgot about was reducing the ISO level which I left higher than I normally would for long exposures, but the unintended consequence was much brighter looking sky and water than I would normally get in such photos, and I rather like the soft colours.

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