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Winter night photography

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

It has been an incredibly mild winter in Hobart in 2023, though I don't think anything will ever stop people complaining about "how cold it is" and how they can't wait until summer ! Of course many landscape photographers see it as an opportunity to get up into some higher areas and capture some of Tasmania's spectacular alpine snowscapes.

The days are shorter and so, to me, it makes sense to take advantage of the darkness, and often, less windy conditions than at other time of the year, to do some nice long exposures by the water. I've gone out on a few nights when there was barely a breath of wind to try to capture yachts moored at different place along the Derwent River.

This is from Lindisfarne Yacht club.

There have also been some unusually bright moons at times, which can almost make the sky look like late afternoon. These photos from around Sandy Bay Yacht Club will give you an idea.

Here are just a couple more from night wanderings.


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