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A photographic journey through Hobart on a cold and windy night

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

I had planned to meet someone on Friday evening to look at tunnels for an artistic photo shoot, but that didn't happen and I was in town with my camera and it was rainy and there was a strong cold wind blowing.

Of course, a normal person would have just got in the car and gone home at 7.30pm as the time was. But we don't get too many rainy nights in Hobart and I thought it would be a chance to get some unique shots of parts of the city, and I was near a late-night multi-story car park that I'd wanted to check out, for the view of the city.

Though it wasn't comfortable, I was certainly able to get some interesting perspectives on the city on a wet and windy night.

I found what seemed like a hidden entrance up into the Trafalgar Car Park discretely located off Collins Street. Though it's 12 floors, I decided to stop at the 8th and see what kind of view I could get over the city. I wasn't too disappointed, and got to see the city in a way I'd never done before.

There is a lot of new building work still being completed across the city, making for an interesting nightscape of scaffolding and half-furnished hotel rooms.

The car park also offered an interesting perspective from up on high of things you would never notice from the ground, and I must admit, with using the telephoto lens, many of the photos have a voyeuristic feel to them, as if you are a police spy on a rooftop stakeout.

Finally I finished walking up to the Queen's Domain where my car was parked near the fabulous old Neo-Gothic Domain House, one of my favourite buildings in Hobart, and the more modern and avant garde Menzies Centre building.

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