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Filming a street piano jam for the neighourhood

Updated: May 10, 2020

It was nice to get asked to actually make a short video this week, after being resigned to having to generate my own creative activity for an indefinite period. Kelvin Smith has been playing his piano at different locations around Hobart for a while, and has a Facebook page called " A Piano in Tasmania"

Kelvin wanted me to film a short video of him playing in Newdegate St, near to the Providence Cafe, where he has been playing for some time. Like many local businesses, the cafe is going through a tough time, with take away only and needed to rethink their business. So the video was planned to promote them a bit and give them a hand and also just to provide something a bit optimistic for residents, who watch/listen to Kelvin's playing from their yards, verandahs or cars to maintain safe social distancing. You can read more about Kelvin's story in details here : Here is the video I made at pretty short notice.

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