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The new toy - practising with the DJI Mavic Mini Drone

I have resisted getting a drone for a while now. It seems too many people buy them and then use them a few times and then either lose interest or realise there are so many limitations on flying them, whether it be Tasmania's sketchy weather or the strict regulations around drone us, and then sell them second hand.

However, as I have a few potential gigs coming up, for which I could earn extra if I could get drone footage, it seemed to be finally worth making the investment.

I chose the Mavic Mini because it was recommended as a good first drone - nice footage, relatively easy to operate and at a pretty reasonable price. The next level up would mean quite a jump in price and an expense I just couldn't justify.

Anyway, I have realised that thought it is relatively easy to operate at a basic level and you can get some cool looking shots without too much trouble, a lot of practise is required to get good at using the controller and coordinating everything while trying not to crash the damn thing or allow it to fly away, which is nearly did once when I flew it a little high - you cannot underestimate the Tassie wind !

Fortunately, I'm slowly coming to grips with it and becoming confident enough to fly it over water a bit...although sadly I missed being able to get close up to a pod of dolphins that swam past at Howrah Beach this last week. I wasn't quite game to take the drone out that far !

Still, I'm starting to get a few decent shots...

Hopefully I can put together something a bit more sophisticated in the not-too-distant future to show you !

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