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Winter fog and empty streets at night make a haunting combination

Those living in Hobart would know that the past week was a very wet week, with pretty solid rain through Monday to Wednesday. I think I read something like 125 mm fell in this period, and when you consider that Hobart's average annual rainfall is around 500mm, that's quite a lot !

Personally, I love to go out photographing out in the rain, especially in the city, as it creates lots of interesting opportunities. Anyone can photograph a golden sunset on the beach or get countless photos on their smartphone of gorgeous coloured skies on their early morning walk...but it takes a special kind of commitment to go out in the rain and drizzle on a cold and very misty night to photograph the streets of Hobart. But I have a warm jacket and I think the results were well worth it.

I've been waiting for such a night for weeks, and yet every time fog threatens it gets blown away at night and I miss it. This night the fog was pretty special and I was able to capture some pretty eerie effects while walking the streets.

As well as the fog creating a mystical effect and diffusing the lights from car headlights and the streetlights in interesting ways, the bare branches of the streets reached out into the misty darkness like gnarled fingers, the sparkle of rain drops looking like thousands of little crystals dripping from them.

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