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Podcast highlights - The Austrian Alps, Aged Care in Singapore and a childhood in PNG

Updated: Mar 19

It's been an interesting first month or so on the podcast in 2024, with three quite contrasting stories from Austria, Singapore and Papua New Guinea respectively. Three places that have very different physical environments and histories, and consequently quite different cultures. Nevertheless, there were still some things in common. For example, all were brought up in areas with family members living close by.

FLORIAN ( Austria)

Florian grew up in a small village near Innsbruck, in the Tirol region. He had expected to spend most of his life in his home region, as most people did. He ended up marrying an Australian woman in Europe and developed an itch to explore further field. Moving to Australia for 2 years initially was a big deal for his parents, and that 2 years turned into almost 20 now. Yet in many ways for Florian, distance has made the heart grow fonder as he's found bonds with family have strengthened and he's developed a great appreciation of his native culture.

JOANNA (Singapore)

Jo is an environmental gerontologist, who designs spaces to be more inclusive for the elderly, especially those effected by dementia. Her interest in the study of dementia goes back to her younger years and watching her grandmother suffering from the condition.

Originally she came to Tasmania on a break on the recommendation of a friend, and was shown around by a man who she eventually would become her husband.

ANNE (Papua New Guinea)

Papua New Guinea is such a fascinating place, but one which most people don't know a lot about. Anne was born and bred in PNG and lived in various places there until she moved to Australia to study at age 18. She describes life in a small place in Goroka in the PNG Highlands compared with life in Lae, the second largest city. Anne also talked a bit about some of the misconceptions about Papua New Guinea, and the Wantok system, a clan-based system of mutual assistance common in PNG ( see below link for more).


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