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Celebrating 100 episodes of 177 Nations of Tasmania

Having reached 100 episodes/nationalities on the podcast, I thought it was a milestone worth celebrating and I invited participants to join me for a little barbecue party at the Hobart Waterworks on March 16 to celebrate with me.

It was also a great opportunity to get people together who may be curious about each other and get to know each other, and for me it was a great chance to catch up with some folk who I hadn't seen in a while.

Of course, not everyone could make it, but it was still a nice turnout of people reflecting a real diversity not only of different cultures and ethnic backgrounds, but of ages as well. The oldest person in this photo above is, I believe, 95 years old !

It was also a nice opportunity for people to share some food from their country, and I have to say that I think everyone left with a slice of Elvira's delicious Portuguese Caramel Cake from Timor Leste. It was really nice to see how everyone just mingled so naturally and willingly despite the fact that most had never met before and came from such different places as Hungary, Peru, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia and Honduras.

It was also very satisfying for me personally to connect again with all the lovely people I've met through this project and reflect on how it's accumulated into quite a body of work. I am now wondering what the next milestone will be to celebrate and I would love another excuse to get more of my 177 Nations of Tasmania friends together again.

For those who haven't, you can listen and follow the podcast here :


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