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An excursion down to Arm End to fly the drone and capture some dramatic clouds

A few weeks ago it was a lovely clear afternoon, with barely a breath of wind, and I had a spare few hours, so I took a drive down to Arm End Public Recreation Reserve, which is right at the very tip of the South Arm Peninsula, as you can see in the map below.

It's actually a really great area for flying a drone, lots of clear and open space without the danger of bothering anyone or losing the drone in the water or running into obstacles. Unfortunately, every time I've been there it's become really windy and I was only able to get limited footage or photos with the drone. The walk looping around the peninsula is also a nice one with views across and up the river towards the Tasman Bridge and the looming presence of Mount Wellington/kunanyi.

As it turned out, conditions could not have been more perfect, with barely a breath of wind the whole time I was there, decent light, and a single geriatric jogger was the only person I saw in the 2 hours or I was there.

As well as getting extensive drone video and photos that I later stitched into panoramic shots using stacked images, I grabbed a few with my camera as well. I had plenty from previous visits, but the sky was particularly striking and dramatic that afternoon and so I made the clouds a bit of a focus of my photography, later managing to correct the overly exposed skies or overly dark ground.

As for the drone photography, I tried to get a few wide panoramic views from quite up. looking down the peninsula to see not only the South Arm isthmus and Oppossum Bay but also Betsey Island and a bit of Bruny Island and Tasman Peninsula in the distance on the right

When I looked in the other direction I really wanted to get some nice panoramic shots of amazing cloud formations hovering over the mountain.

And also as it got later and the hazy and colours of dusk started to emerge , I tried to capture the view from the very end , looking up the river directly towards the Tasman Bridge.

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