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Drone photography on beautiful Hobart summer evenings

As we who live in Tasmania know, Hobart's weather, even in summer can be highly variable. Though December can bring some beautiful lingering evening light with a mix of golds, oranges and crimsons, you are also just as likely to get strong winds, rain and cloudy, flat conditions, none of which are conducive to photography.

Because of this, I always try to jump on those opportunities arise to create some wide panorama shots using multiple exposures with RAW files and merging them together to hopefully make some really nice shots which do justice to the light and colours at the time.

This image below is from Lewisham, looking down towards Dodges Ferry.

I have travelled around Tasmania quite a bit recently, and had hope to get some nice drone shots around the north and north west coastline. Alas, it was far to windy to do anything very useful. However, on my way down I stopped off at Ross just around golden hour with the wind finally calmed down, and managed to finally get some shots from what I think is best angle to shoot Ross to do this pretty little historic town some justice. I do think I've seen a shot before with all of Ross, the bridge and the church all visible. And of course, what is also notable is just how green everything is. Ross and that part of the Midlands is so often a yellowy brown hue, but the greenness truly give it the feel of a hamlet in Scotland or Ireland.

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