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Getting out at night again for some long exposure fun

There was a time when I'd go out several nights a week to capture long exposure photos. But of course, we all run out of inspiration from time to time and I'd run out of ideas and motivation for this eye-catching form of photography.

Nights have also tended to be frequently windy and cold throughout this year, which makes it both hard to get motivated and harder to get decent results. But with some really suberb still, clear weather this week and mild night, and have a go at one popular spot I'd never photographed from - the footbridge over the Tasman Highway connecting Rosny and Rose Bay, which affords some nice views of the Tasman Bridge.

I was probably there a bit late to maximise the light streak effects from traffic, but there was still a reasonable number of vehicles going through even from 11.30-midnight, including buses and big trucks, which often create some cool light streak effects, as you may be able to see from in my gallery below.

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