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More adventures with "A Piano of Tasmania"

Some of you may have seen my blog about A Piano of Tasmania in 2020, and how it blew up into a story on national TV. It really all started back in March or April in 2020, just as we were about to go into our first lockdown in Tasmania. This guy I knew, Kelvin Smith, asked me to film him playing his piano on the street near a local cafe that was literally around the corner from me. It was a novel idea, work had dried up and things weren't looking all that great, so it was a nice diversion.

I think since then I must have done 10 or more short videos of Kelvin playing his piano in different scenic locales around Southern Tasmania. Some of them I've done with very short notice, including the most recent one up at Ross, probably the furthest one I've done in terms of distance. For those who don't know, Ross is a very pretty little historical town, about 110km or so north of Hobart, just off the Midlands Highway on the way to Launceston. It's most famous for it's old historic bridge and 19th century womens' prison. Kelvin started playing around lunchtime right by the bridge and attracted a fair old crowd at one stage, who variously stopped to listen, film with their phones or just took photos obliviously in the background.

Over the last 12 months I've stopped over at Ross on quite a few occasions on got some quite nice drone footage, in fact I believe I've posted photos on my blog from Ross a few times, but no video, until now....

As you will see, the footage is obviously taken at different times of year and at different times of day, but I think Ross keeps its charm at any time, though certainly it looks pretty special on a later winter's afternoon or autumn when the trees are bursting with colour.

Before Christmas, I had another chance to film another video for A Piano of Tasmania, this time on Kingston Beach. It was a bit of a challenging one as though taken at twilight, most of the time it was rather grey and dull and the beach was very placid while the piece of music was quite lively, even stormy. As I result, I did cheat a little bit with some of the shots...I wonder whether you can pick which ones ?

You can find more of A Piano of Tasmania one Facebook at :

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