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More photo roadtrips around Tasmania

This winter has of late provided some magnificent conditions for capturing both video and photos with the drone. Not only has it been beautifully still there has been one clear and beautiful day after another and I was lucky to arrive at the gorgeous little historic town of Ross just before golden hour on the way back from Launceston.

Of course Ross is known for its old, convict-built bridge, I think the third-oldest standing bridge in Australia and certainly very picturesque as you can see above.

The town itself is very pretty at any time of year with it's tree-lined main street and graceful old buildings, many sandstone.

Since the last time I'd been there it has rained a lot, which greatly enhances the photogenic nature of the surroundings of the River Macquarie.

I've also made a couple of little trips up the Derwent Valley on some pretty wintry mornings, stopping at Bridgewater and New Norfolk to get some pictures to capture the effect of the jerry on the river.

Even managed to get the drone up for a bit later in the morning. Earlier on it had been threatened by some aggressive plovers near the Bridgewater causeway which very much looked like they wanted to take it down. I've learnt before that you really shouldn't mess with plovers around their nesting zone !


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