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Photo and video projects in 2022 so far

For a while in 2022 I sort of took a break from photography and just stopped doing my usual "photo walks" or anything much beyond incidental photographing. I felt a bit out of love with it and very uninspired, but also I had other priorities, and the podcast has kept me busy, and lately I've done more video work.

But recently I have got back into going out at night to some long exposure photography. Conditions have been pretty magnificent recently, with some rare rare windless nights of late and the create opportunities for some really beautiful photography by the water, and I spent a couple of nights around the Hobart Yacht Club experimenting with different camera settings to get the kind of effects I wanted.

When it hasn't been mild and still, there have been a few rainy nights, but fortunately not heavy, rather misty rains. This creates some really nice effects with city lights, and though I maybe didn't choose the best spot, I managed to get some nice shots from the Tasman Bridge towards the city and then, just as I was about to head I caught sight of the zinc works across the water, which looked stunning.

In terms of videography, the "A PIano of Tasmania" project continues, with filming intermittently at various scenic locations in the Tasmanian countryside. The last one was not actually filmed by me, as I got my dates mixed up ! Fortunately Isaak was there to capture some lovely footage at golden hour. The video was partly to raise awareness of the Wicking Centre and their research into treatments for dementia-sufferers.

A few months earlier we had a bit of a last minute trip to Ross, where Kelvin play his piano by the historic bridge, which attracted quite a crowd at one stage. Unfortunately it was a little grey and cloudy and so I didn't maybe get as good a footage as I might have hoped. I also did my own little video of drone footage at Ross that I've compiled over multiple visits over the previous 8-9 months.

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