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Photography in the summertime and trying to avoid clichees.

The first few weeks of "summer" in Tasmania were the usual story really - unsettled, moody and generally marked by a lack of sunny weather which you might associate with summer in other places. This is not really unusual for Hobart, but nevertheless people will complain about the weather during December.

However, January has turned on the summery weather, with some really hot days and quite balmy evenings at times. But I'm not here to wax poetical about the Tasmanian weather, but to set the scene for the photography I've been doing recently.

I must admit that I'd started to feel a bit jaded with photography and one is always on the lookout for new ideas and concepts to explore. In summer it's so easy to slip into the usual clichees of sunsets and golden light at the beginning or end of the day, scenes by the beach..etc etc....been there done that. Of course it can be a nice excuse for long walks on the beach and so on, but if you're interested in a bit of visual storytelling I think you need to put in a bit more work and look beyond the obvious.

These are just a few samples from a recent wander along Bellerive Beach.

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