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Podcast highlights - Armenian farming blueberries on King Island and professional volleyball in Estonia

Updated: May 15

Things have been a little slow with the podcast in the past few months, but should be picking up a bit more over the next month with some very interesting interviews in the offing. That being said, where things may have been lacking in quantity of interviews, they have made up for in quality.

NUBAR (Armenia)

It would be rare enough to find someone of Armenian heritage in Tasmania generally, but to find one living on remote King Island instantly must awake one's curiosity. And that is just the tip of the iceberg of Nubar's colourful life story, a life in which he has done many things - drama teacher, documentary film-maker, lecturer, blueberry farmer and artist. That's not even to mention his own family background - an Armenian family living in an Armenian quarter of Cairo in the 1950s, who eventually migrated to Melbourne. We also go further back into the story of how Nubar's family came to be in Egypt in the first place - a story that reflects the wider story of how Armenians were displaced from their homelands and scattered across the Middle East and beyond.

TRIIN (Estonia)

Triin's mother was a volleyball coach and so volleyball was in her blood from an early age and so she was perhaps destined to follow a career in professional volleyball - the main sport for women in Estonia. Volleyball was also how she met her husband, and what ultimately lead to her moving to Tasmania after retirement. In this interview Triin contrasted the opportunities and attitudes towards women in sport in Estonia and Australia and some of the struggles she had with adapted to some aspects of Australian/Tasmanian culture, some of which will I'm sure be very relatable for other migrants.

I hope you enjoy these personal stories as much as I did and, if you haven't already, follow the podcast on Spotify or our social media !


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