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Sometimes you can get the best shots close to home...

One of the challenges of drone photography in Tasmania, which I've mentioned before, is the changeability of conditions, which can happen at the drop of a hat. Strong winds, dark clouds, rain...all can mess up your plans. So when perfect conditions arrive you sometimes don't know how much time you have to take advantage of them and this can make longer trips to some scenic locations a bit hit and miss, and so a bit risky.

Therefore, on a few late afternoons recently when there have been stunning conditions both in terms of light and wind, I decided to look at a few places close to hand to get some nice drone shots without being disturbed by people, dogs etc, or risk getting my small drone knocked down by seabirds !

The Queen's Domain is one great location within walking distance of my place, and in golden hour you can get some glorious panoramas off Hobart from different directions. It can lead to some unusual and really interesting perspectives on the cityscape.

With this picture I took a series of pictures vertically and merged them later to create this longer shot, creating quite a dramatic view of North Hobart and the mountain more in the background.

But for a more horizontal, sweep panoramic view I did this one, showing more of Hobart heading down the Derwent southwards.

The Domain also gives some really nice perspectives on the Tasman Bridge and river, and later in the day , there have been frequently beautiful and dramatic coloured skies, such as this one.

On one beautiful clear Saturday afternoon, I even wandered further down to the water, just below the Regatta Grounds, where I flew my drone for a good hour in perfect conditions and captured numerous panoramas in multiple directions. Here are just a few of them.

And just to finish, I thought I'd include the miscellaneous shots from all the other directions from the Domain, include in a northwards direction over Cornelian Bay.


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