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Stop with the winter hate and embrace the change of seasons

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

So it's that time of year where Tasmanians start saying things like "It's so cold" and "Bring on summer" if they're surpised this phenomenon that happens every year. Winter is invariably seen as a negative and people tend to hibernate and not go inside, in contrast to actual cold countries like those in Northern Europe. However, I would add that this culture has started to change in recent years, so there's hope. Personally I rather like winter.

From a photography perspective, every new season brings new possiblities for creating images in Tasmania, but more generally it's a reminder of the ever-present cycle of life. In winter, it seems that everything shrivels away and dies - the trees in the city lie bear, the skies are gray, the days are short and so it looks like there are gnarled dead hands reaching out towards the ominous sky which glours upon the city.

But, of course, in Tasmania, most of the trees do not lose their leaves, but winter brings moisture and the colour appear fresher and brighter and we see the snow decorating the tree branchess like icing on a cake.

Winter also brings on the fog and mist, turning a walk through the forest into a mystical experience and the morning fog over the river and foothills of Mount Wellington, lending the city environs a moody aspect, filled with atmosphere.

Winter also means rivers and lakes are replenished with their life-giving waters. Waterfalls and streams gush once again after not long before being little more than a trickle.

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