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Tasmania in autumn - so many photographic opportunities

Of course autumn is great in Tasmania for a whole lot of reasons, not least of all for the amazing colours that start appearing in our cities and towns. In the last few weeks I've been on a roadtrip to Launceston and stopped off at a few places on the way including Ross, Campbell Town, and detours to Bothwell and Evandale, and all have their own displays of autumn colour to show off.

Launceston, with it's many park areas and a street layout and architecture less polluted, let's say, than Hobart, a city somewhat blighted by its various post-war monstroties and general lack of tree cover in the inner city, offers perhaps more abundance of colour of Tasmania's two major cities.

That being said, Hobart's Royal Botanical Gardens and the Hobart Rivulet Linear Walk are both great places to experience the best of autumn. I should note though, that since last autumn, many of the trees by the rivulet have been chopped down, I guess to prevent clogging up the rivulet with leaves, but it has lost quite a big of its attractiveness as a result.

Nevertheless, despite it being a bit of a dull day when I walk there, I managed to capture some of the colour from around the track and rivulet, which was certainly a lot lower than it was compared to many of the previous times I walked along it last year.

However, I can't help feeling that I could make much more interesting photos and make more of the colours of scenery with the addition of a person or two amid the autumn leaves. So this may be my next project !


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