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The hypnotic effect of moving water

Looking at a lot of my photography and video of the last month, it has been noticeably water-related - gushing streams, tumbling waterfalls or crashing waves. We have had some large downpours across the state recently and rivers, rivulets and waterfalls are or full and surging with even some rivers bursting their banks in places.

As a theme, moving water can offer drama and destruction or serenity and beauty. Watching the flow of a waterfall or a mountain stream can be kind of mesmerising. The undulating of waves, the bubbling of a rivulet as it tumbles over rocks, the spray as the sea hits the rocky shore...all seem to stir up come kind of primal feelings and transfix us.

Therefore, at every opportunity I've been to capture different "feels' by playing with different shutter speeds for photographs, or different frame rates for video. Personally, I like the high shutter speeds as this really gives the running stream or waterfall or wave a sense of drama, whereas low shutter speeds making waterfalls look quite pretty.

Those who know me, will know that I love to go out on a rainy night or afternoon with my camera and capture some of the street scenes around the city, trying to find all those little signs of a grey and very rainy day. Certainly, there have been a few good opportunities for this recently. But of of course, one can only spend so much time in the cold and rain !

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