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Watching waves

I went down to Dodge's Ferry to catch up with family and as it was a nice day and thought I might be able to catch some nice drone footage over the waves, but, alas it was very windy and I was never going to get far with that plan.

However, it did create the opportunity for some dramatic shots ( and video) with my Panasonic GH5, and so I wandered down to the whale-watching look out point in between Park and Red Ochre beach to snap me some wave action.

Here are some of the results.

The following weekend ( 10 and 11 April), we had a cold snap and some pretty wild weather and I thought I'd go out and see if I could capture some dramatic waves and surf down at Taroona. I lasted about half an hour before my hands started to go a bit numb !

Of course, in contrast to Dodges Ferry, I could get much closer to the waves and capture different dramatic effects...or at least was the aim. And of course there were brooding clouds and then by lucky chance a rainbow appeared as a nice backdrop. So the capricious Tasmanian weather is not all bad.


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