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Widening perspectives of Hobart and surrounds

I was just recently browsing through some of the panorama shots I've put together with my drone camera over the last 6 months and realised there are quite a few that I feel I haven't shown off to their best effect. I haven't found a way to exhibit them well on my photo galleries page, so I thought I'd try posting a few of them through my photo blog.

The first set are just a few I've taken along the Eastern side of the Derwent River, the one in the middle is at dusk from around Rose Bay and the other two were taken along the Shag Bay Historic walk.

I've been on several trips up to Launceston and back this year, and always try and make a few stops in some of those scenic little Midlands towns, particularly Ross, and I've managed to get some drone footage on a couple of beautiful afternoons. The picture in the middle is looking down the main street of the historic town of Bothwell, a place I'd like to explore again a bit more closely in the near future.

Finally, here is a triptych of photos featuring Mount Wellington/kunanyi from quite different perspectives - from South Arm, from Lewisham and from just behind the Bellerive Bluff fort ( with a bit of snow on top just to complete the effect). Mount Wellington is such a recognisable landmark that can be seen from quite a distance, and it's always interesting to find new perspectives and compositions with which to photograph it. I thought this was a nicely contrasting set of shots on this theme.


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