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Winter fog and mist in the city - trying to find inspiration in the cold and wet

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Recently we had a week of really pretty cold nights, though for me they were the kind of cold I like - still and clear and though the cold has a bite to it that you feel on your skin and the extremities, it can be quite stimulating and at least for me I feel often stimulated and refreshed. The "bad" kind of cold is when the wind blows up and cuts right through you and is generally unpleasant no matte how well you dress it seems.

The other nice thing about these still, clear and cold days and nights is that it creates thick fog and mist around the city both early in the morning and at night, which creates some unique shots for photography..if you look for them. I find the combination of fog and city lights a particularly appealing combination, but it does mean braving some stingingly cold conditions to find those killer shots.

I am somewhat fortunate in that I live in North Hobart and don't have to far to go to capture a whole range of different colour lights, and when I thick fog descended over the whole Elizabeth St it set the stage for some really atmospheric images. Unfortunately on the night I went out with my camera, by the time I'd seen how thick the fog was and run inside to grab my camera, the wind had picked up and I only had a few minutes of snapping before it had already largely blown away.

However, I was able to get a few shots that I changed to black and white to try and create a bit of a film noir feel.

But with all the different coloured lights, it was impossible not to make use of that as well.

I had also wanted to get to see if I could find a vantage point where I could get a wider view of the Hobart cityscape with the fog hanging over it and the city lights softened by the effect of said fog. I tried from the Eastern Shore, but the fog had largely disappeare by the time I got there. The following night I went down beside the IMAS building just near Salamanca Place and got views both looking towards the city and also across the docks towards the Cenotaph. It was by this time, ball-achingly cold and my fingers got so number it was a struggle to use my keyboard when I got back inside. That being said, I managed about half an hour capturing long exposures shots of the city and harbour as the fog blew across it. Below are some of the results.


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