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Some rare windless nights and an unexpected Aurora

Updated: May 20, 2021

Last week we had a couple of amazingly still nights in Hobart. For those who know Hobart well, this is very rare indeed, and even rarer on the Eastern Shore which is a bit more exposed to the brisk winds coming off the river.

Ironically, I went to Bellerive Quay because I'd seen quite a bit of biolumuniscent algae there...but it only lights up when there's movement. However, the incredible stillness provided a unique opportunity to photograph the marina and yacht club with real sharpness and with fantastic reflections.

I noticed however that there was a bit of a green tinge to the my initial photos, and at first I thought I'd messed the white balance up but after a couple of shots I realised it was an aurora happening in the background sky ! What an amazing opportunity to get the yachts and mirror-like water in the foreground and a spectacular aurora as the backdrop ! Of course, to the naked eye, the sky was dark and cloudy, though there did seem to be a little more light than normal.

Fortunately this wasn't the only ultra still night I experienced in the last week or so on the Eastern Shore. I also went over to Montagu Bay to get views of the bridge and city while trying to use yachts and the small jet as foreground interest. Being so still, it gave me a chance to actually get some non-blurry images of yachts at night !

I also had a shot at getting a few light streaks as I pointed the camera across towards Eastlands shopping centre at about 11.30pm at night...but traffic was a little slow.


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